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Business Communication


1 month



4.5 (520)

In this Bussiness Communication course, you will learn how to build relationships and connect with people. This will help you round sharpen your soft skills by teaching you how to effectively communicate with your team members. We will also teach you about the essential rules to making your writing professional and you will learn everything about verbal and nonverbal communication.

What Will I Learn?

    1. What is Communication?

    Exchange of information by speaking, writing or any other medium for any purpose general or business

    1. What is Business Communication?

    The process of sharing information between people within and outside a company.  It is exchanging information in order to promote an organization's goals, objectives, purpose, and activities, as well as increase profits within the company.

    The three basic functions of business communication is to inform, persuade and promote goodwill Example: great meeting agenda, customer feedback

    1. Importance of Communication in Business

        1. Source of information: 

        2. altering individual’s attitudes

        3. help in socializing

        4. promotes motivation

        5. help to do strategic business planning

        6. enhance the innovative capabilities of organizations

    2. Seven C’s of Communication

    1. Barriers of Effective Communication


    1. Business communications tips and points

        1. Make communication top priority

        2. Tell the Truth

        3. Know your audience

        4. Non-Verbal

        5. Encourage Candid Feedback

        6. Proofread reports, emails

        7. Do not mix social and professional life

        8. Be clear in writing

        9. Avoid controversy and gossip

    2. Types of Communication

        1. Verbal

        2. Written

        3. Non Verbal

    3. Verbal Communication

        1. Brief discussion on oral communication

        2. Why it is important and how to make it effective

        3. Meetings 

        4. Presentations

        5. Business Negotiations

        6. Ways to improve listening and Speaking skills

    4. Written

        1. Brief discussion

        2. Why it is important and how to make it effective

        3. Report writing and how to make it effective

        4. Email writing and etiquettes

        5. Memo writing

        6. Resume Writing

    5. Non-Verbal

        1. Brief discussion

        2. Why it is important

        3. Body-language importance

    6. Business Etiquettes

    7. Interview Process and guidelines

Price : 1499