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C programming language is recognized worldwide and used in a multitude of applications, including advanced scientific systems and operating systems. This online course provides you a proper introduction to programming in C and its fundamentals such as variables, operators, conditions, loops and arrays. It also gives a proper understanding of concepts related to modularization, recursion and file handling. Take your initial steps towards being a polyglot programmer right from the basics irrespective of how experienced you are in the programming field. Good Luck!

What Will I Learn?

    1) Introduction to C programming

           i) Introduction to programs and programming

          ii) Overview of C Programming language

         iii) Uses of C Programming

          iv) Running process of C programs

    2) Fundamentals of C language

           i) Character set of C

          ii) Constants, Variables and Data types in C

         iii) Operators and Expressions

          iv) Preprocessor Directives

           v) Comments in C

          vi) Input/ Output operations

    3) Structure of a C program

           i) Layout of a C program

          ii) Functions in C

         iii) Introduction to ANSI C

          iv) Standard Library Functions in C

           v) Writing simple C programs followed with execution

    4) Control Structures in C

           i) Logical Expressions

          ii) Conditional Statements

         iii) Iterative Statements, i.e. loops in C

          iv) Break and Continue Statements

           v) Using paths with switch

    5) Arrays and Pointers

           i) Definition, Declaration and Initialization of Arrays

          ii) 1D and 2D Arrays

         iii) Character arrays and Strings in C

          iv) Pointers in C

           v) Swap Shop

          vi) Arrays and Pointers

    6) Structures in C

           i) Structures and Union

          ii) Type definition in C

         iii) Pointers to Structures

          iv) Dynamic Memory Allocation

           v) Structures and linked lists

          vi) Header files

    7) File Handling Concepts

           i) The Stream File

          ii) Text File Functions

         iii) Binary File Functions 

          iv) File System Functions

           v) Command line parameters

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