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The feature of Scope Bound Resource Management in C++ has undoubtedly increased its application in game engines, finance, operating systems and desktop apps. This course provides you with a clear concept of objects and classes along with various fundamentals of C++. It also gives a comprehensive knowledge about file handling, operator overloading, pointers, exceptions and streams in C++. So, enter the world of Object Oriented Programming with this course on C++ Programming Language and take your starting steps towards becoming a successful Software Developer. Good Luck!

What Will I Learn?

    1) Introduction to Object-Oriented programming

           i) Object Oriented Programming vs. procedural Programming

          ii) Object-Oriented programming Concepts

         iii) Class Definition, Attributes and Methods

          iv) Implementation of Classes

           v) Introduction to C++ Objects

          vi) Object Creation and Handling Objects

    2) Fundamentals of C++ Programming Language

           i) Constants, Variables and Data types in C++

          ii) Operators and Expressions

         iii) Function Declaration

          iv) Passing of Arguments to Functions

           v) Macros

          vi) Comments in C++

         vii) Input/ Output operation

    3) Control Structures in C++

           i) Logical Expressions

          ii) Conditional Statements

         iii) Iterative Statements, i.e. loops in C++

          iv) Break and Continue Statements

           v) Using paths with switch

    4) Pointers, Arrays and Structures

           i) Introduction to Pointers 

          ii) Arrays- Definition, Declaration, Initialization

         iii) Character Arrays and Strings

          iv) Pointers into Arrays 

           v) References 

          vi) Pointers to void

         vii) Structures

    5) Classes and Objects

           i) Abstract Class

          ii) Interface

         iii) Friend Class

          iv) Friend Function

           v) Static Data Members

          vi) Static Functions

         vii) Pure Virtual Function

        viii) Dynamic Binding

    6) Constructors and Destructors

           i) Introduction

          ii) Need of a Constructor

         iii) Parameterized ,Non-parameterized and Default Constructors

          iv) Constructor Overloading

           v) Copy Constructors

          vi) New and Delete Operators

    7) Operator Overloading in C++

           i) Introduction to Operator Overloading

          ii) Over loadable Operators

         iii) Unary Operator Overloading

          iv) Binary Operator Overloading

           v) Overloading of New and Delete operators

          vi) Data Conversion techniques

         vii) Assignment Operator Overloading

    8) Inheritance in C++

           i) Introduction

          ii) Types of Inheritance

         iii) Derived Class Declaration

          iv) Member Accessibility

           v) Virtual Base Class

          vi) Function Overloading

    9) Exception Handling in C++

           i) Errors And Exceptions

          ii) Exceptional Handling

         iii) try, catch and finally blocks

          iv) Concepts of throw and throws 

           v) Types of Exceptions

    10) File Handling Concepts

           i) Files and Streams

          ii) Defining, Opening and Closing a File

         iii) Read and Write Operations

          iv) File Pointer and Manipulation

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