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1 Month



4.5 (545)

Just Step into the world of easy and efficient coding with this course on Python Programming. Python is one of the most popular programming languages nowadays on account of its code readability and simplicity. GIMP, YouTube, BitTorrent, Blender, Deluge and Cinema 4D are a few globally-used applications based on Python. This course on Python programming is intended to teach you how to develop and run efficient Python programs with the best possible understanding of Python syntax along with the knowledge about special aspects of Python including special methods and lambda forms. Good Luck! 

What Will I Learn?

    1) An Overview of Python Programming

           i) About Python

          ii) Different features of Python

         iii) Why do people prefer Python?

          iv) Software Environment and Installation

    2) Initial Steps to Python Programming

           i) Interpreter

          ii) Text Editors

         iii) Data Types

          iv) Comments and Escape Sequence

           v) How to write a Python program 

          vi) Indentation

    3) Operators and Control Flow

           i) Various operators

          ii) Order of precedence

         iii) Expressions

          iv) Conditional Blocks

           v) Branching Blocks- loops

    4) Functions and Modules

           i) Function parameters

          ii) Local  and Global variables

         iii) Default argument values

          iv) VarArgs Parameters and return Statement

           v) Introduction to Modules

          vi) The from-import Statement

         vii) Packages

    5) Data Structure

           i) OOP concepts

          ii) Classes and Objects

         iii) Methods

          iv) Tuples, Sequence, Set and References

    6) Input-Output Operations

           i) Input from user

          ii) Files

         iii) Pickle

          iv) Unicode

           v) Standard Library Functions

    7) Exceptions

           i) Errors and Exceptions

          ii) Handling Exceptions

         iii) Raising Exceptions

          iv) The try and finally blocks

           v) The with statement

    8) Special Aspects of Python

           i) Passing  tuples Around

          ii) Special Methods

         iii) Lambda Forms

          iv) List Comprehension

           v) Assert Statements

          vi) Decorators


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